OPC DA/AE Server SDK .NET Structure

Server Development SDK for OPC DA/AE

The OPC DA/AE Server SDK .NET offers a fast and easy access to the OPC Data Access (DA) and OPC Alarms&Events (AE) technology. Develop OPC DA 2.05a, DA 3.00 and OPC AE 1.00, OPC AE 1.10 compliant Servers with C#/VB.NET or any other compiler capable of generating a .NET 4.7.2 assembly.

The “Framework” includes all OPC DA 2.05a, 3.00 and OPC AE 1.00, 1.10 handling and ensures the OPC compliance. It is implemented as a generic C++ based executable.

The “Server API” defines easy to use interface functions required for developing OPC DA and OPC AE compliant servers.

The OPC server is supplied as an EXE file with the application adaptation part in a .NET assembly DLL. This imposes some limitations on the adaptation possibilities but makes the adaptation much easier and quicker. By using this API DA and AE servers can be easily implemented by adapting just a few functions. The functions handle the configuration of the server and the read/write functionality of items. The server supports all mandatory and optional OPC DA 2.05a interfaces and all mandatory OPC DA 3.00 interfaces. Also supported are OPC AE 1.00 and AE 1.10. The provided sample servers and sample clients, together with the detailed documentation and online help provides all essential information and tools you need to successfully develop your server application.

Licenses & Pricing

The OPC DA/AE Server SDK .NET follows a dual-license:


The OPC DA/AE Server SDK .NET is licensed under the MIT License. A very liberal license that encourages both commercial and non-commercial use.
There are no separate runtime fees or royalties.

Source Code

The OPC DA/AE Server SDK .NET source code is available under a commercial source code license.
There are no separate runtime fees or royalties.

Our Source Code License Agreement (PDF) allows the use of the OPC DA/AE Server SDK .NET source code to develop software on and for all supported operating system and hardware platforms.

Commercial Support

For commercial support purchase a Single Standard Support request (two hours support time budget, five business days maximum initial response time, although we usually answer within one to two business days) for EUR 390,00 from Technosoftware GmbH.

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Binaries Source
MIT License
Source Code License
OPC DA 2.05, OPC DA 3.0
OPC AE 1.10
.NET 4.7.2


The OPC DA/AE Server SDK .NET is available with the following options:

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