OPC UA Client SDK .NET Structure

Client Development SDK for OPC UA

If your application requires access to the OPC technology you have to decide which of the OPC Specifications you want to support. The decision depends on many factors like the used OPC specifications supported by third party products or the system architecture you want to use. Technosoftware GmbH is specialized in software consulting and development services for technical and industrial applications based on OPC and the founder of Technosoftware GmbH was involved in the design and development of many software products with OPC connectivity with more then 22 years extensive knowledge about OPC.

The OPC Unified Architecture (UA) is THE next generation OPC standard that provides a cohesive, secure and reliable cross platform framework for access to real time and historical data and events.

It’s Time to Adapt this specification for use in your applications and we recommend considering designing your application to use the OPC Unified Architecture.

The OPC UA Client SDK .NET offers a fast and easy access to the OPC UA Client technology. Develop OPC UA 1.00, 1.01, 1.02 and 1.03 compliant Clients with C#/VB.NET for the .NET 4.7.2 framework.

Note: Product Editions with Support Subscription also includes the .NET 4.6.1 framework support.

The OPC UA Client SDK .NET API defines classes which can be used to implement an OPC client capable to access OPC servers supporting different profiles with the same API. These classes manage client side state information; provide higher level abstractions for OPC tasks such as managing sessions and subscriptions or saving and restoring connection information for later use.


Evaluation Professional Source
   OPC UA 1.00 / 1.01 / 1.02 / 1.03
   .NET 4.6.1 (with Support Subscription only)
   .NET 4.7.2

The detailed license agreement with a comparison of the different editions is available here.


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