OPC UA PubSub .NET Beta version available!

OPC UA PubSub .NET Beta version available!

The OPC UA PubSub .NET offers a fast and easy access to the OPC Unified Architecture (UA) PubSub technology. Develop OPC UA PubSub compliant Publishers and Subscribers with C# targeting .NET 7.0 or .NET 6.0. For backward compatibility we also provide .NET 4.8 support.

Typically, a Publisher will be an OPC UA Server and a Subscriber is often an OPC UA Client, but it is also possible that OPC UA Clients can be Publishers and OPC UA Servers can be Subscribers. It is even possible to use the OPC Ua PubSub .NET without integrating it into an OPC UA Client or OPC UA Server application.

A beta version with a sample is available. It can be used as standalone product or part of an OPC UA Client or OPC UA Server.

New purchases of the OPC UA Bundle .NET – NuGet Edition and the OPC UA Solution .NET Source will include also a license for PubSub.

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