OPC UA Consulting

OPC is the industry standard technology for communication of process values and events in industrial communications. It connects devices, machines and systems from different manufacturers using the same interface. OPC server adds remarkable amount of value for device, machine or system, as it reduces any integration or application software development costs. Similarly OPC clients made for one OPC server can be connected to any other OPC server without time-consuming customization. Whether Design or development of an OPC server or Client, integration of the OPC technology into existing systems or the execution of customized training courses – Technosoftware GmbH supports you individually within all ranges of the OPC technology:

Our main activities are: 

  • Consulting from the analysis to the implementation; Manufacturer and industry independent 
  • Consulting, Design and Support Services regarding OPC based solutions  
  • Development of OPC server and Clients according to your desires  
  • Service and Support for OPC based products

Our services cover:

  • Realization of special OPC servers 
  • Consultation during design of your OPC architecture  
  • Consultation during development of servers and clients  
  • Analysis of communication problems between OPC server and clients  
  • Implementation of gateway products e.g. between XML-DA and DA  
  • OPC connection to standard components e.g. SPS, databases, etc.  
  • Development of special OPC Clients, e.g. for process value archiving over OPC 
  • Consultation with the demarcation from OPC to other technologies and standards  
  • Consultation when using OPC in C++, VBA, NET, Web applications  
  • OPC DA, AE, HDA, XML-DA, UA and OPC .NET 3.0 (WCF)

OPC Server Development:

We design and implement OPC servers for device, machine and system suppliers. The use of OPC servers eliminates the need of custom I/O-interface development and it becomes possible to create application software using OPC tools from different vendors. The reuse of software components makes Technosoftware GmbH very efficient and a reliable OPC server developer.

OPC Client Development:

We design and implement OPC clients for Windows, Linux and embedded environments. OPC clients can be used with OPC servers from different vendors.