OPC UA Training

OPC is the industry standard technology for communication of process values and events in industrial communications. It connects devices, machines and systems from different manufacturers using the same interface. OPC server adds remarkable amount of value for device, machine or system, as it reduces any integration or application software development costs. Similarly OPC clients made for one OPC server can be connected to any other OPC server without time consuming customization. 

Technosoftware GmbH offers on-site training for companies looking to train groups of employees in the OPC Technology while minimizing costs. Technosoftware GmbH offers customized training for classic OPC specifications like OPC Data Access and OPC Alarms&Events but also for the OPC Unified Architecture. Whether you need to implement an OPC Server or OPC Client or just need to integrate OPC technology in your projects – Technosoftware GmbH can offer a customized training package. Whether you are an automation professional, IT personnel, integrator, engineer, operator ore just someone who is responsible for data connectivity within process control and manufacturing, Technosoftware GmbH delivers the right training package, from beginner to advance group training. 

Customized Training: Training can be slightly customized or fully customized to meet the needs of your operation. If you are already using specific vendor hardware and / or software, Technosoftware GmbH can incorporate these vendor details into the training package. 

Confidential Training: Unlike public sessions where participants can’t talk about confidential projects, on-site training enables groups to open up and dive into the details of current problems and upcoming projects. The confidential atmosphere significantly increases the value participants receive from on-site training. 

Lower Training Costs: Sending groups of employees off-site can increase training costs when allocating funds to travel, lodging and meals. On-site training significantly reduces the overall cost of employee training because the Technosoftware professional instructor comes to your facility to train. 

Instruction at the Right Level: Technosoftware GmbH will perform a pre-assessment to match the course content with the needs of your company. If your group already knows the basics, we’ll provide a brief overview and quickly move into more advanced and relevant topics. 

When should a company consider on-site training? Maybe you have an up-coming project, scheduled downtime in the next months or a group of employees who need to understand the latest in data connectivity standards. In any of these cases, on-site training can get your group of automation professionals up to speed and ready to handle projects knowledgeably and efficiently.